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Sefton’s Public Health in partnership with other Sefton Council departments and One Vision Housing, are offering families, with a child under five years old, a free anti-scald valve fitted, to the bath tap.

Dr Janet Atherton, Sefton’s Director of Public Health, said: “Each year in the UK approximately 2000 young children are taken to hospital after being scalded by bath water. In most homes the water from the bath tap is so hot it only takes one second for a child to be badly scalded.

“This is why Sefton families are being offered Thermostatic Mixer Valves (TMVs). By supplying and fitting them for free we aim to reduce the risk of children being scalded by hot bath water. They work by mixing hot and cold water before it gets to the hot tap. When the hot tap is turned on, the water coming out of it is between 44 °C and 48 °C. At this temperature it would take more than five minutes to scald your child. By reducing the temperature of the water we are aiming to reduce the number of children getting scalded at bath time.”

Scalds are more likely to happen when a child climbs or falls into a bath of hot water or a brother or sister runs the hot tap when a younger child is in the bath. So, leaving your child, even for a moment, in the bath or bathroom without an adult is long enough for a scald to happen.

Helen Pilkington a Sefton mum, of two and a half year old Finley, said: “I was really concerned about bathing Finley, as our hot tap was always really hot. When I found out about the free valve we jumped at the chance to have it fitted. The workmen arranged a convenient time and they were done and dusted in about an hour.

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are its really helped giving us peace of mind that we can just put Finley straight in the bath. The valve has just brought the temperature down enough not to worry about him being scaled and it’s still warm enough for us to enjoy a bath.”

If you have a child under 5 years old and would like to have a TMV fitted for free in your home, then call Sefton Council’s One Stop Shop on -. Thermostatic Mixer Valves are being fitted from May onwards so don’t delay, sign up for your free valve today.

Appropriate first aid must be used to treat any burns or scalds as soon as possible, this will limit the amount of damage to your skin. For more information on scalds visit or if you need advice on scalds call NHS Direct on –